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Real Estate Services

Full-service buying and selling of residential and commercial properties.

Interior/Exterior Design

Assisting with residential and commercial build-outs, remodels and design projects of various sizes.

Engineering Consultations

Ensuring all capital repairs and upgrades are carried out legally and professionally.

Property Management

End-to-end management of properties including maintenance and investment opportunities.
Our Story

What seperates us from the rest.

Since 2017, INKAS® Properties Corporation has succeeded in purchasing, upgrading/renovating the exterior and interior of various properties from high-value residential properties to large commercial properties. INKAS® PROPERTIES CORPORATION also owns, leases and manages various real-estate properties across Canada; with locations in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, and Niagara Falls. The Founding Company is an all-encompassing enterprise for designing, renovating, project management, and developing a smooth-running property solution; as well as, property management services.

The quality of the company’s properties ensures its longevity, while the provision of comprehensive and proactive pre-sale and after-sales services plays a pivotal role in guaranteeing and maintaining excellent customer service and overall customer satisfaction. The company treats its’ customers with high values professionalism, timeliness, and ensures superior client experience.

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